B-Skole 10th – 16th of September

Thank you for your interest of the Father Heart B-school coming up in Denmark 10th – 16th of September 2023.
We apologies our late response. All information about the school will be available here and by following the links in
this letter. Mails for more info and questions, can be sent to: fatherheart.dk@gmail.com

Link to information:
What is the ‘B’ School?
We are finding that the reality of Father loving us is the catalyst that is releasing our true identity and authority
as His beloved sons and daughters. As the eyes of our hearts are opened, we are seeing increasing levels of
life, love and freedom for us to experience. Our true self emerges as His love throws off the shackles of
religious performance and obligation.
(Please visit https://fatherheart.net/what-is-an-b-school/ for more information about B School)
To join a Fatherheart Ministries ‘B’ School, you will need to first attend an ‘A’ School.

10. Sept. – 16. Sept. 2023
Venue: Graested Free Church
The school will be held in a little town named Greasted north of Copenhagen.
Holtvej 67, 3230 Graested, Denmark

(From Copenhagen airport you can come to Graested by train.)

School Fees
3.500Dkr/470Euro (including meal and coffee break but not including accommodation)

You are registered, when you have sent an email with your name, address, phone number and accommodation
request to: fatherheart.dk@gmail.com and have paid a deposit of 250,- DKK to the account Account in Danske
bank: reg.nr. 1551 – account: 3719 187048

Payment of School fee: 3.500, – (Incl. deposit ) + 1.000,- if you request private accommodation is due on the
10st of August 2023 to the above mentioned account.

Paying from abroad:
Account: Danske Basis – 3719187048
Registration number: 1551
Iban Number: DK 7230003719187048
BIC (SWIFT -addressee): DABADKKK
Account type: Danske Basis
valuta: Danske Kroner

The school is located in Graested free church, and you must find a place accommodation somewhere in the
arear. We can help you with accommodation in private homes near the church/ school. If you want that
Contact: email: Bodil.Fhaer@gmail.com, or look for accommodation on the web: B&B

Main Speakers

Leonard & Lesley Hays – Fatherheart Ministries

Stephen Hill – Fatherheart Ministries

and Host
Hans & Bodil Fhaer Larsen – Fatherheart Ministries

Blessings from
Hans & Bodil Fhær Larsen
Møllegade 20
3250 Gilleleje